5 Sure Fire Ways DBs Can Improve in Practice

BY: Chad WilsonIG: @alleyesdbcamp Practice, practice, practice. It makes perfect as they say. This could also mean that practicing wrong can make you perfectly wrong when game time comes. We don’t want that right? In this article, I will talk about five things defensive bac...

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Doing This In Practice Keeps You From Being a Great DB

By: Chad Wilson IG: @alleyesdbcamp We’re talking about practice. The word and term practice took on a whole new meaning when former NBA great Allen Iverson went on a rant in front of reporters about the lack of importance of practice. Many misunderstood Iverson’s rant...

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Safeties Need This One Thing Over Everything Else

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp I have written several articles about safeties and what it takes to be elite in this blog. Playing safety isn’t just about one thing but there is this one thing that I would take over everything else if I had to boil it down to just ...

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When Studying Film, Don’t Forget the Quarterback

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp First of all, let’s hope you are studying film. If you aren’t doing that then you can go ahead and start counting the days until your defensive back / linebacker career is over. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let&...

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3 Things Great DBs Must Have

So you want to be a great defensive back right? Well, as I have told you in countless articles on this site, it’s going to take some hard work. Playing DB is not easy but the thrill that comes with the success one achieves by mastering the position has few equals in the fee...

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3 Ways to Become A Better Safety Instantly

There’s nothing like a quick fix right? We live in an instant society where we are just not used to waiting for things. As such, coaches and teammates don’t have a lot of patience when your play is not at the level it should be. If you are a safety that wants to get b...

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catching the ball for defensive back

Important Tips on Catching the Ball for Defensive Backs

Playing defensive back can get complicated.  There are so many things for you to think about.  What’s my assignment?  What’s my technique? What’s the down and distance?  What’s their personnel?  What’s the formation?  Lost in all of that is one...

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Ways to get out

In A Coverage Slump? 4 Ways to Get Yourself Out of It

Being a defensive back,  especially a cornerback can be much like a batter in the game of baseball.  Sometimes you are really on point and other times you are off.  While being on point 30% of the time is good in baseball,  it’s definitely not as a cornerback or safety ...

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turn head around

You Had Great Coverage So Why Didn’t You Turn Your Head Around

Amateur fan and professional coach alike will tell you that one of their pet peeves when it comes to defensive backs is not looking for the football.  There’s nothing like a guy being in a player’s hip pocket and having the wide receiver catch the football for no rea...

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Beach workout

To Beach or Not to Beach Workout

Human beings are complicated beings.  We all seek to belong while also striving to set ourselves apart.  Funny thing isn’t it?  No where does that burning desire to set ourselves apart show up more than in training of athletes. In this social media era where everything i...

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