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Want to Be A Good DB? Find Yourself A Weave

There are many steps to becoming a top notched defensive back.  Many of those steps have been covered in the many articles that have been written on this blog and placed in my member’s area on this site. One of the more overlooked aspects of playing defensive back these da...

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Want to Be a Better DB? You Gotta Watch Ball Man!

I am sure the generation before me had this same thought but you guys nowadays have it easy.  My generation had betamax and VHS if you wanted to record your television.  If you wanted to listen to your favorite song on an album you had to fast forward and rewind on a tape afte...

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4 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Your Press Man Stance

If you ever lined up to race someone or stepped in a batter’s box to hit a baseball,  you are aware that before someone yells go or a pitch is thrown,  you could win or lose.  Have your feet in the wrong spot and you will come out wrong in that race.  If you hold &helli...

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Am I A Safety or a Corner?

So you are young in the game of football or perhaps your coach has moved your over to the dark side (aka defense).  Perhaps you have been contemplating a move to the side of the ball where aggression is not frowned upon (also known as defense).  Your athletic traits say you sh...

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Know Your DB History: Dre Bly

I have a treat for all of my sub 6 footers playing corner today.  This one is long overdue but it is here now.  If there was one guy that played this game that knew how to get his hands on the football consistently,  it was the one featured in this post. Lost and forgotten &he...

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Two Hand or One Hand Jams in Press Man?

I often get asked this question about press man coverage.  “Coach do you prefer two hand or one hand jam in press man?”  My answer initially is typically one people don’t like.  “It depends”.   This article explains. First of all,  when it come...

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Should I Move to DB?

Many times I get asked in via email and DM if an athlete should move to defensive back.  As much as I get asked that question,  I am pretty sure there are many other guys who are asking that same question in their own heads.  Today I am going to use this article here to addre...

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Do You See What I See? Great Secondaries Watch Film Together

I was in a game vs. a rival once.  Of course,  because it was a rivalry game,  I wanted to do well.  As such,  I did my fair share of film watching that week.  I would often look for situations that I could either take advantage of or plays I needed to know were coming &hel...

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5 Things A DB Should Know Before the Snap

One of the biggest things I stressed as a coach and do now as a trainer is preparation.  Often times when players think about preparation,  they think about offseason work or preparing during the week for the game.  However,  preparation doesn’t just stop there.  Being...

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