He’s Too Fast, I Can’t Cover Him

Unless you are a track star playing the cornerback position and are faster than everyone in the universe,  you have been in the headspace that the title of this article suggests.  You see the receiver that was blazing across the screen in the film you watched this week.  He...

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Know Your DB History: Ronde Barber

When it comes to defensive backs we tend to fall in love with the physical specimens.  We become dazzled by the fast runners,  the high jumpers and the well put together.  In time though,  we are forced to respect those who play the game the way it should be played.  Today,...

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player holding ball

Know Your DB History: Dre Bly

I have a treat for all of my sub 6 footers playing corner today.  This one is long overdue but it is here now.  If there was one guy that played this game that knew how to get his hands on the football consistently,  it was the one featured in this post. Lost and forgotten &he...

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legend player

Should I Move to DB?

Many times I get asked in via email and DM if an athlete should move to defensive back.  As much as I get asked that question,  I am pretty sure there are many other guys who are asking that same question in their own heads.  Today I am going to use this article here to addre...

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Know Your DB History: Darrelle Revis

By: Chad Wilson – Owner – All Eyes DB Camp IG: @alleyesdbcamp With the announcement of his retirement today,  it seemed only fitting to do this edition of the “Know Your DB History” on the man who had a term named after him,  Darrelle Revis. As a high sc...

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Know Your DB History: Aenas Wiliams

KNOW Your DB History: Aeneas Williams There are DBs that got a lot of attention during their NFL careers and there are other great ones that seemed to get very little. Former Cardinal’s cornerback / free safety,  Aeneas Williams would fall into the latter category. William...

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Darrell Green

Know Your DB History: Darrell Green

CB Darrell Green: Green was a severely undersized 5’8″ 140 LB. athlete in high school that didn’t make his school’s varsity football team until his senior year. Blessed with outstanding speed, Green became an all city player but received zero scholarship o...

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