7 Ways DBs Can Learn A New Defense Super Fast

You’ve spent countless hours in the weight room and on the field in the off-season. You’ve taken your body to the brink and toiled under the sun to be an impact player on your new team, but there is one thing that can undo all of your efforts and keep you on the be...

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It Takes Faith to Be a Playmaking DB

I’ve harped on it. Your coach has harped on it, and perhaps your dad has harped on it too. What am I talking about? It’s watching film, but what good is watching all that film if you’re not going to have any faith? In my time playing and coaching, I’ve ...

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4 Things That Make An Elite Nickelback

With all the footballs filling the air in recent years because of the advancement of passing in the game of football,  one position has gained more importance than ever before and that is the nickel back. There was a time when most teams deployed 21 personnel (2 backs, 1 ...

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legend player

Should I Move to DB?

Many times I get asked in via email and DM if an athlete should move to defensive back.  As much as I get asked that question,  I am pretty sure there are many other guys who are asking that same question in their own heads.  Today I am going to use this ar...

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Night Train

Know Your DB History: Dick “Night Train” Lane

Yes swag-less you would say. Black high top cleats, no face mask and he played DB wearing #81. Be that as it may, Dick “Night Train” Lane is still the NFL record holder for INTs in a season with 14. Some of you may or may not have known that Lane held the record an...

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