You Are the Greatest!

We all know the line made famous by boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali: “I am the greatest”. For Ali it wasn’t just a quote, it was a lifestyle and it’s one you have to adopt when you’re playing defensive back. If you want to have any chance at being the best at pl...

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Have a Next Play Mentality

You kind of missed the jam at the line of scrimmage,  the receiver got a step on you and you are in chase mode.  You are running like a bat out of hell to catch up but you’re not reeling him back in.  In the midst of your panic you become faintly aware of the … Read More

Control Your Body Language

Ever felt like a coach had it out for you?  In your mind,  you don’t cause any problems,  you do everything you you’re supposed to do and you don’t suck,  so why are you not playing?  It could be this funny little big thing known as body language. Talk to a...

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