I have worked with countless athletes that have used the techniques taught to improve their play and performance.  They have all been extremely greatful for the time, effort and attention to detail that I have put in to raise the level of their play. Here are what a small few have had to say. – Chad Wilson –


“My breaks have been really good in practice.  I’ve been getting out of my breaks fast.  It’s putting me in good postion and I’ve been break up a lot of balls.
Tevin Homer DB – Florida Atlantic University


“Thank you for teaching me everything you could in the short amount of time that you did.  These are things that are going to make my game better.  I’m going to try to pass on as much as I can to my teammates”​
Jethro Francis DB – Georgetown University


“Thank you so much Coach Wilson. During your training, I’ve learned so much in so little time. Now, I finally have great knowledge on the position I’m playing that you can’t get anwyere else.  I’m ready to use your techniques to make plays! Thanks again coach.
Nate Holloway – DB – Independence Community College


“Coach I very much appreciate everything. I feel more confident in my game this week going up.  I couldn’t think you enough for donating the time for me.
Kevin Gray – DB – Stetson College