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You Are the Greatest!

We all know the line made famous by boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali: “I am the greatest”. For Ali it wasn’t just a quote, it was a lifestyle and it’s one you have to adopt when you’re playing defensive back. If you want to have any chance at being the best at pl...

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Get in Phase Drill for Defensive Backs

One of the most feared and dreaded releases by wide receivers is the outside release when you are in press man coverage. Why? Because it just might be that go route. In this article will talk about a drill that you can use to help defend yourself against the outside release. Ther...

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What’d He Do Wrong: Overplayed Leverage

A new video in the series of What Did He Do Wrong. This one features something that is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to guys playing press man coverage. In the video down below,  I break down what went wrong in this press man rep in a game featuring the Kansas City … ...

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Defend the Fade Drill

The fade ball is the most feared pass for defensive backs in coverage. It is also the most poorly played pass in football. It is why so many offenses opt to throw it when they see a defensive back in press coverage. The video that I have posted below shows a great drill to run &h...

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3 Things Defensive Backs Must Remember During the Game

Football is a very simple game that can get rather complicated at times. That complication hits warp speed when the bullets are flying and the action is hot and heavy. If you are going while the game is going there are some important things for you to remember as a DB while the g...

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4 Tips with Clips: Beat Before the Snap

By popular request I am going to run this series 4 Tips with Clips in the members area. It’s really simple,  I will break down four clips from games with two being good reps and two being not so good reps. Of course,  there is always something to learn both from the good reps...

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Attention Defensive Backs! Stay in Your Circle.

Body control is a must for defense of backs that are looking to stay in and or around the wide receiver that they are covering.  This also applies to guys that are trying to be in the proper area in zone coverage when the ball is thrown.  To do this there is one simple thing &h...

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Know Your DB History: Ty Law

By now the New England Patriots have developed a nice reputation for developing and producing solid cornerbacks in the National Football League.  However,  there is an entire generation that doesn’t know or won’t remember the man who kicked it all off.  That man...

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DBs You Have to Rehearse Success

I am certain that you are playing the game to be successful.  Of course no one is out there just to be out there or at least I hope not.  If you have been at this for a while,  you realize that there are many components to success but one of the ones that I … Read More

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