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Use Your Coach’s Technique to Get to Your Technique

By: Chad WilsonIG: @alleyesdbcamp Technique may or may not be everything when playing defensive back but it’s damn close. Defensive backs care about their technique like a barber cares about his clippers and sometimes things can get emotional especially when a player and co...

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For Safeties It’s All About Angles

By: Chad Wilson IG: @alleyesdbcamp Sometimes playing safety you can feel like Will Smith in the final episode of The Fresh Prince when he was alone in the living room with everyone and everything gone. There’s a lot of room back there and at times it can feel like you are t...

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Boss Units: ’81 Dallas Cowboys

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB CampIG: @alleyesdbcamp I am kicking off a new series here on All Eyes DB Camp where I talk about some of the best secondaries in NFL history. Like Know Your DB History and Dynamic Duos, this series is designed to teach you the history of second...

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Great DBs Talk but Not How You Think

By: Chad WilsonIG: @alleyesdbcamp I think many of you reading this have gone paint balling with friends. Have you ever been on a team with a guy that just won’t communicate. Guys from the other team roll up behind you and they say nothing. If you have, then I am sure you kn...

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I’m Too Short to Cover Big WRs

By: Chad WilsonIG: @alleyesdbcamp Playing defensive back is challenging and no one with a brain would argue that. It gets even tougher when you have anxiety about your ability to stack up against an opponent physically. Often times I am asked by cornerbacks how are they supposed ...

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A DB’s Confidence is His Armor

By: Chad WilsonIG: @alleyesdbcamp It’s coming down to that one play in that one moment and their leading receiver is jogging out of the huddle to your side of the field. What’s going through your head? Well whatever it is, don’t take it for granted because it wi...

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All American DB

Five Skills to Make You An All American DB

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp Instagram: @alleyesdbcamp  | YouTube: cwilson91 1.  Ball Skills The name of the game on defense is creating turnovers.  If they don’t have the ball,  they can’t score.  The best way for them not to have the...

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Want An Interception? Start with a Stance

By: Chad Wilson – IG: @alleyesdbcamp They say football is a game of inches. It is a phrase that is often overlooked and taken for granted. Many think it’s all about getting the necessary 10 yards for a first down or getting the ball across the goal line. I am here to ...

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When It Comes to Making Plays Control > Speed

By: Chad Wilson – Instagram: @alleyesdbcamp It’s that time of year again where the talk of speed is heightened and everyone obsesses over 40 yard dash times. While the combine won’t happen this year, it won’t stop the mad rush to find out “what’...

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