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Have a Next Play Mentality

You kind of missed the jam at the line of scrimmage,  the receiver got a step on you and you are in chase mode.  You are running like a bat out of hell to catch up but you’re not reeling him back in.  In the midst of your panic you become faintly aware of the … Read More

How Do I Cover a _______ Route?

One of the most common questions I get either by email or in my DM’s on Instagram ( @alleyesdbcamp ) is,  “coach how do I cover a <insert route>?” This understandable but head scratchable at the same time. Covering one specific route is like trying to los...

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Safeties: Survey the Land

I saw a recent interview with Davante Adams where he was discussing what he does when he comes to the line of scrimmage.  According to Mr. Adams,  he puts on his Terminator mask,  scans the DB and determines the many possibilities available to him to win at the line of scrimma...

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Control Your Body Language

Ever felt like a coach had it out for you?  In your mind,  you don’t cause any problems,  you do everything you you’re supposed to do and you don’t suck,  so why are you not playing?  It could be this funny little big thing known as body language. Talk to a...

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These Reps Will Raise Your Game to the Next Level

It’s that time of year,  practice is in full go and by now some of the excitement you may have felt in the early going is giving way to the fatigue and repetitiveness of camp activities.  While this may be true for everybody,  only a small handful of defensive backs do w...

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I Saw These Two GOATs on the Field At the Same Time and It Changed Everything

I know what you came here for.  You came here for a story on how I witnessed a game long 1-on-1 battle between the greatest cornerback and greatest wide receiver in NFL history.  Sorry to disappoint you but don’t leave.  What I am going to testify to will enrich your min...

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4 Things Every Press Man Corner Needs to Be Elite

Playing press corner is a demanding job.  We are all aware of the kind of athleticism the position requires but what are some of the less notable requirements that one needs to excel?  IN this article we will talk about exactly what those attributes are and how they help you wi...

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DBs Getting Blocked is Not Ok

We are certainly growing up in a me era.  Everyone is worried about their individual well being,  their status,  their brand and their stats.  I am not here to get political or philosophical but this attitude has swept into the biggest team sport in the World,  football. The...

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Don’t Forget the Football

This one may sound crazy but bear with me and I think you might agree.  There are so many components to being a defensive back.  Eyes, hands, feet,  body positioning, mirroring the release, reading the routes,  determining the formation, tackling.  The list goes on and on. ...

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