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Seeing is Believing

For Defensive Backs, Seeing is Believing

By: Chad Wilson – owner – All Eyes DB Camp Everyone at some point has had a coach who has told them they need to watch film.  After all,  what kind of coach wouldn’t tell his players to watch film?  Studying your opponent is a key factor to success but what g...

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Deron Cherry

Know Your DB History: Deron Cherry

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp When the talk of top safeties to ever play in the NFL comes up,  Deron Cherry’s name is not one that will come to mind.  This despite the fact that Cherry’s 50 career INTs puts him in the Top 50 of all men to have ever played...

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Defensive back

3 Sports that Can Make You A 5 Star Defensive Back

By: Chad Wilson – Owner – All Eyes DB Camp Sure you love football and I’m glad you do but history shows that some of the best defensive backs that have played and are playing the game were pretty damn good at one or more other sports.  Here are three sports, th...

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Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield

Dynamic Duos: Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield – Cleveland Browns

By: Chad Wilson – Owner – All Eyes DB Camp IG: @alleyesdbcamp Believe it or not,  the Browns didn’t always suck.  In the mid to late 80’s the Browns were a problem and stood on the doorstep of the Super Bowl three times.  One of the biggest reasons for ...

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Boost interception

3 Ways to Boost Your Interception Total this Season

By: Chad Wilson – Owner – All Eyes DB Camp IG: @alleyesdbcamp Picks! We all want them,  unless you are a quarterback or play offense.  How do we get them?  That’s the questions and I’ll address that in this article as I discuss three great ways to up yo...

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Elite DB

4 Things Every Elite DB Has

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp IG: @alleyesdbcamp There are good DBs, great DBs and then there are elite DBs.  Those three categories of players are separated by a few factors.  Some of those factors are genetics but more so,  they are separated by things that are totall...

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DB on the field

This is the Biggest Weapon A DB Has When He’s On the Field

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp IG: @alleyesdbcamp The huddle breaks,  your assignment jogs out of the pack high up on his toes looking menacing.  The crowd is buzzing in anticipation of any and every bold moment that will unfold.  Perhaps there is a national televis...

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Montana v Washington

Playing DB Isn’t All About Man Coverage

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp I’ve heard it many times. In the debate about who are the best cornerbacks,  some guys get eliminated from the conversation simply because they play too much zone coverage.  “He’s a zone corner” they say and immed...

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Rod Woodson

Know Your DB History: Rod Woodson

What if I told you there was a cornerback out there that had 71 career interceptions,  ran a 4.33 forty,  was a college track champion and was a Super Bowl champion.  Would you be able to name him? Probably not if you were born after the year 2000.  However,  that man exists...

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