As a DB Play to Your Strengths

Football is a bit of a game of war. In war there are many strategies but the the major strategy is to attack where you have an advantage. The same is true when you are playing defensive back. That first paragraph was kind of vague wasn’t it? Let me clarify. Many times I ...

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catching the ball for defensive back

Important Tips on Catching the Ball for Defensive Backs

Playing defensive back can get complicated.  There are so many things for you to think about.  What’s my assignment?  What’s my technique? What’s the down and distance?  What’s their personnel?  What’s the formation? ...

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Ways to get out

In A Coverage Slump? 4 Ways to Get Yourself Out of It

Being a defensive back,  especially a cornerback can be much like a batter in the game of baseball.  Sometimes you are really on point and other times you are off.  While being on point 30% of the time is good in baseball,  it’s definitely not as a co...

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