Avoid these Top 5 DB Coach Mistakes

Coaching Defensive Backs: Avoiding the Biggest Teaching Mistakes Whether you have been at it for a while or you’ve just been given the tall task,  coaching the last line of defense can be quite the challenge.  Outside of quarterback and left tackle,  no ot...

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Off Man / Zone DB Workout

I am often asked for defensive back workouts, and so I will look to provide some of those for you here in this members area. For this reason over the last couple of weeks, I have been posting drills in here with explanations.  To get an explanation and video of each drill...

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Mind on Lock; 5 Key Mental Elements You Need In Press Coverage

When It comes to training and improving your press man skills,  the emphasis is most often put on developing the physical characteristics that are necessary to stay in front of and on the hip of a wide receiver.  However,  there is a big mental component to play...

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How to Train for DB Speed in the Offseason

Enhancing Speed in the Offseason: Training Tips for Defensive Backs Speed is a vital attribute for defensive backs in football, enabling them to keep up with receivers, close gaps, and make crucial plays. To excel on the field, defensive backs must prioritize speed training du...

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7 Ways to Improve Your IQ as a Defensive Back

If there was one “skill” that I favored over others from a player when I was coaching it was intelligence.  Your brain controls everything else on your body when you are on the field.  What good is running fast if you don’t know where to go?  W...

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DB Drill Series: Weave N Get Up

The Weave N Get UP Drill combines a pair of essential moves for defensive backs.  First is the weave which allows a defensive back to hold their Read More