Mastering the Art of Press Man Coverage

Mastering the Art of Press Man Coverage: Techniques Used by Elite Defensive Backs In the fast-paced world of the football, defensive backs play a pivotal role in disrupting the rhythm of opposing offenses. One of the most effective techniques in a cornerback’s arsenal is...

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The 5 Essential Moves of a Defensive Back

There are some things in life you just can’t get around.  Times will change but certain things will stay the same.  This happens in the game of football too and it also applies to defensive back. As offenses have evolved and rules have changed,  the scheme...

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How to Master the Moves of a Defensive Back

Name a sport,  any sport that’s not football.  Chances are the participants are running forward for the majority of the time to compete and beat their opponent.  It must be nice.   That’s not how defensive backs in the game of football live...

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Db can be traced

80% of Where You Go Wrong at DB Can Be Traced to Your Eyes

It has been a long off season.  One of the longest on record.  Many defensive backs have lost their spring training,  spring football or Offseason Training Activities (OTAs).  This has left many to be out on their own training themselves.  While doing ...

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Catch attention

Your Attention Please. One Play Can Be the Whole Game

The game has been a battle of back and forth.  Each team is shooting their shot and things are tight all the way through.  When all is said and done,  the winner stands tall by less than a touchdown. That’s how many important games end in the football worl...

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