3 Things Defensive Backs Must Remember During the Game

Football is a very simple game that can get rather complicated at times. That complication hits warp speed when the bullets are flying and the action is hot and heavy. If you are going while the game is going there are some important things for you to remember as a DB while the g...

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He’s Bigger Than Me, I Can’t Cover Him

Playing defensive back ain’t easy.  I’m not telling you anything you don’t know but what can complicate your situation even more is when you enter your battle feeling defeated already because the wide receiver has an attribute that you feel gives them an advant...

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Have a Next Play Mentality

You kind of missed the jam at the line of scrimmage,  the receiver got a step on you and you are in chase mode.  You are running like a bat out of hell to catch up but you’re not reeling him back in.  In the midst of your panic you become faintly aware of the … Read More

How Do I Cover a _______ Route?

One of the most common questions I get either by email or in my DM’s on Instagram ( @alleyesdbcamp ) is,  “coach how do I cover a <insert route>?” This understandable but head scratchable at the same time. Covering one specific route is like trying to los...

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Wide Receivers Love it When You Do This

There is the cat and mouse game that is played in every football game out on the edges between the wide receivers and the defensive backs.  Receivers are trying to deceive the DBs and the DBs are trying to dictate to the wide receivers how things should go. In the middle of that...

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Here’s How You Cover that Route That Keeps Beating You

I often get asked via DM on Twitter or Instagram by a young DB about how to cover a specific route like a slant or a curl.  The way you cover these routes is simple.  Study film study so you can have some anticipation and then by having solid coverage skills overall. We are in ...

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4 Ways Linebackers Can Help the Secondary in Pass Coverage

By: Chad Wilson Owner – All Eyes DB Camp You’ve heard the saying “It takes a village to raise child”?  Well,  in that same vain,  it takes a whole unit to stop a passing attack.  In this article,  I am going to talk about one third of that unit and ho...

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Keys to Playing Zone Defense the Right Way

Most cornerbacks that you run into will tell you that they prefer to play man coverage over zone coverage.  There are a number of reasons for this.  One is because they think it shows their worth at the position.  Second,  it’s because zones can be confusing and require...

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Be As Deep as the Deepest

If you played defensive back and safety in particular,  you have likely had a coach tell you this when discussing a coverage.  “Be as deep as the deepest”.   There’s nothing worse than getting a ball thrown over your head as a defensive back and knowing that...

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Know the Lingo. How to Learn the Defense Fast

One of the biggest keys,  if not the biggest key for a defensive back’s success is not only knowing the defense but understanding it.  Knowing the defense is knowing where you are supposed to be on a certain coverage.  Understanding the defense is knowing why you are sup...

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