Stop Playing Press All the Time

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB CampIG: @alleyesdbcamp One of the funniest things I see at camp every year is when the camp directors tell the defensive backs that they will have to take some reps playing off man. The majority of looks resemble an English speaking man being a...

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For Safeties It’s All About Angles

By: Chad Wilson IG: @alleyesdbcamp Sometimes playing safety you can feel like Will Smith in the final episode of The Fresh Prince when he was alone in the living room with everyone and everything gone. There’s a lot of room back there and at times it can feel like you are t...

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I’m Too Short to Cover Big WRs

By: Chad WilsonIG: @alleyesdbcamp Playing defensive back is challenging and no one with a brain would argue that. It gets even tougher when you have anxiety about your ability to stack up against an opponent physically. Often times I am asked by cornerbacks how are they supposed ...

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Kick Slide Your Way to Better Press Man Reps

By: Chad Wilson I see it all levels of football. A defensive back is lined up in press man, he panics on the wide receiver’s movement and then he just turns and runs. Once this happens, it’s a win for the wide receiver. The pass may not get completed but he has put hi...

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Isaiah simmons raheem mostart

4 Keys to Covering the Back Out of the Backfield

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp One of the most menacing things to defenses over the last few seasons has been the running back’s involvement in the passing game. If you’re playing a ton of zone, he becomes a check down that runs for first downs. Play him man...

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As a DB Play to Your Strengths

Football is a bit of a game of war. In war there are many strategies but the the major strategy is to attack where you have an advantage. The same is true when you are playing defensive back. That first paragraph was kind of vague wasn’t it? Let me clarify. Many times I wat...

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Db can be traced

80% of Where You Go Wrong at DB Can Be Traced to Your Eyes

It has been a long off season.  One of the longest on record.  Many defensive backs have lost their spring training,  spring football or Offseason Training Activities (OTAs).  This has left many to be out on their own training themselves.  While doing so,  there’s one...

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Off Man Coverage

3 Things You Need to Do to Improve Your Off Man Coverage

Press man has been the rage for about two decades now.  Talk to a young cornerback and he’ll tell you that if you don’t play press man as a cornerback then you are faker than a $2 bill. Ask any cornerback with some experience though and he’ll tell you a real co...

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Two Hand or One Hand Jams in Press Man?

I often get asked this question about press man coverage.  “Coach do you prefer two hand or one hand jam in press man?”  My answer initially is typically one people don’t like.  “It depends”.   This article explains. First of all,  when it come...

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ready to play

I’m Locked up in the House! 3 Ways to Get Better Playing Defensive Back

When the 2019 season was ending and you were talking about becoming a lockdown DB in 2020,  being locked up in the house was not what you were envisioning.  This whole coronavirus mess is disheartening for sure but like any good coach or player,  what you need to do is adapt....

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