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Know Your DB History: Ken Riley Cincinnati Bengals

Comb through the career interception leaders for the National Football League and sitting right there at number five is a guy by the name of Ken Riley.  Bet you never heard of him huh.  Well NFL quarterbacks throughout the 1970’s sure knew who he was. Despite being 5th on...

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Know Your DB History: Dre Bly

I have a treat for all of my sub 6 footers playing corner today.  This one is long overdue but it is here now.  If there was one guy that played this game that knew how to get his hands on the football consistently,  it was the one featured in this post. Lost and forgotten &he...

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Know Your DB History: Asante Samuel

The NFL has had it’s fair share of outstanding defensive backs that’s for sure.  Some receive more notoriety than others for any number of reasons.  One that is perhaps a little underrated is Asante Samuel. Samuel grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and attended Boyd...

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Know Your DB History: Troy Polamalu

Many of our most recent generation may only know Troy Polamalu for his hair but he was so much more than that on the football field. Though he was born in California,  Polamalu played his high school football in the state of Oregon.  Oregon is hardly a hotbed for college footba...

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Know Your DB History: Steve Atwater

Before Kam Chancellor patrolled around the Seattle Seahawks secondary looking huge and unleashing pain on wide receivers and running backs trying to advance the football down the field,  there was another big safety that wrecked guys who liked the carry the football.  His name ...

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Know Your DB History | Eric Allen

One of the more overlooked defensive backs in the history of our game is the one I am featuring today.  When you had 54 career interceptions as a pro your name should be circulated more when talking about the greats but that’s just not the case. Most young defensive backs ...

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Oakland Raiders

Know Your DB History: Willie Brown – Oakland Raiders

Willie Brown – Oakland Raiders By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp Everybody loves to press these days. Ask any defensive back what they love to do the most and they’ll probably tell you “line up close to the line of scrimmage to play bump and run.” W...

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Know Your DB History: Champ Bailey

When you talk to young cornerbacks in today’s game,  there are a handful of names that they will mention.  From the past they may bring up names like Deion Sanders, Charles Woodson, Darrelle Revis and occasionally Rod Woodson.  They will also talk about ...

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Know Your DB History: Mike Haynes

Our latest generation may not be familiar with Mike Haynes seeing as though he is now 66 years of age.  However,  there’s no hiding what a talent he was even though he was a bit overshadowed by his Oakland Raiders’ counterpart Lester Hayes and his eccentric behavio...

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Lester hayes

Know Your DB History: Lester Hayes

The NFL has certainly produced it’s fair share of “characters” over it’s long rich history and when it comes to being a character,  few out did Lester Hayes. Hayes was a 5th round draft choice by the Oakland Raiders in 1977 out of Texas A&M.  What fe...

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