All Eyes DB Camp Member’s Area for Newbies

I was recently asked by a new member who was excited to gather in all the knowledge where he should start.  He was not the first to ask this question but finally,  I decided to put up a post about how a member,  especially one that is new,  should approach their membership. I...

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Want More Ints? Know Where Your Teammates Will Be

Interceptions and pick 6’s are what define the defensive back position for the most part.  So what can we do to get more of them?  The answer may lie in your teammates. While we must admit that Pro Football Focus has made no catches and pass break-ups much more exciting ...

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You Can’t Just Drill Your Way to DB Success

One of the questions I get asked the most in my Instagram DMs and via email is “coach do you have any drills to make be a better DB?”  Of course I do and there are a ton of drills out there but are those drills the magic pill to you become an all state … Read More