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3 Things to Do After You Get Beat Playing DB

There’s an elephant in the room if you play DB.  If she isn’t there now,  she’ll be there shortly.  Sooner or later if you play DB,  the elephant is going to show up.  That Elephant’s name is touchdown and you invited her. ...

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Tired of Getting Bombed? Check Your Turn

Football is a game made up of a bunch of techniques and movements designed to give one man an advantage over another in hopes of making a play.  At no position is that more obvious than at defensive back. Despite what I wrote in that first paragraph,  many a defensiv...

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football training drills

Inside the Playbook | What Do Those Personnel Numbers Mean?

You may have heard your coach saying it or maybe you’ve even heard announcers on TV say it during a game.  “The offense has come out in 11 personnel”.  Perhaps it’s something you have ignored in the past but if you are playing ball,  espe...

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linebacker coaching

Know Your DB History: Troy Polamalu

Many of our most recent generation may only know Troy Polamalu for his hair but he was so much more than that on the football field. Though he was born in California,  Polamalu played his high school football in the state of Oregon.  Oregon is hardly a hotbed for col...

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Know Your DB History: Steve Atwater

Before Kam Chancellor patrolled around the Seattle Seahawks secondary looking huge and unleashing pain on wide receivers and running backs trying to advance the football down the field,  there was another big safety that wrecked guys who liked the carry the football. ...

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passing attack

When it Comes to Stopping A Passing Attack, Communication is Key

This current era of football,  at all levels,  has seen the most prolific passing offenses in history.  High school quarterbacks are breaking state passing records,  college football signal callers are setting new marks and professional football gunsli...

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play in big

3 Things A DB Must Do To Make Plays In Big Moments

It’s a crucial 3rd down late in the game.  You come to the line of scrimmage, your legs are trembling,  your mouth is dry and your hands are shaking.  What will they say on Twitter if you give up a touchdown pass here. You read about this wide receiver and...

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back pedal

DB Tips | How to Back Pedal as a Defensive Back

Back pedaling may be a lost art for many and it’s getting DBs killed.  Having a strong back pedal can keep you out of many bad situations on the field while covering WRs and this video is going to show you how to pedal correctly. The growing trend by defensive backs...

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Kevin Ross and Albert Lewis

Dynamic Duos | Kevin Ross and Albert Lewis

In the next installment of my Dynamic Duos series,  we take a trip back in time to Kansas City to reminisce on a pair of cornerbacks that were the cornerstone of a defense that was very tough on opposing quarterbacks. The 80’s was a golden time for the advancement o...

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