Defend the Fade Drill

The fade ball is the most feared pass for defensive backs in coverage. It is also the most poorly played pass in football. It is why so many offenses opt to throw it when they see a defensive back in press coverage. The video that I have posted below shows a great drill to run &h...

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Doing this Will Speed Up Your Feet as a DB

Talk to any defensive back and they will tell you that they would love to have quicker feet.  Doesn’t matter if those feet are quick already or not.  Real defensive backs know that your feet can never be too fast.  In this article,  I will tell you the one thing you can...

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secret drill

No There Isn’t A Secret Drill for That

Sometimes things in life are just simple.  They end up being so simple that you just refuse to believe them.  In your mind,  if it was that simple then everyone would be able to do it.  Here’s the thing about simple,  it scares a lot of people and the rest just get bo...

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ready to play

I’m Locked up in the House! 3 Ways to Get Better Playing Defensive Back

When the 2019 season was ending and you were talking about becoming a lockdown DB in 2020,  being locked up in the house was not what you were envisioning.  This whole coronavirus mess is disheartening for sure but like any good coach or player,  what you need to do is adapt....

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db drills beginners

DB Drill Workout for Beginners

I was asked recently by one of my members what would be a good schedule of drills for him to do if he was learning how to play defensive back.  Often times the question voiced by one person is the one in the head of many.  With that in mind,  I have decided to put … Read More


To T-step or Not to T-step

I didn’t start this, Deion did. This has become an annual thing as the GOAT, Deion Sanders, narrates the action at the NFL combine. One thing you can bet on every year will be Deion voicing his displeasure for the T-step but is the GOAT right on this one? One thing is for sure,...

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Boost interception

3 Ways to Boost Your Interception Total this Season

By: Chad Wilson – Owner – All Eyes DB Camp IG: @alleyesdbcamp Picks! We all want them,  unless you are a quarterback or play offense.  How do we get them?  That’s the questions and I’ll address that in this article as I discuss three great ways to up yo...

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