Don’t Untrain Yourself

A Message to Defensive Backs About Correct Training It’s that time of year when we turn up the heat on our preparation for the coming season. They say champions are made in the summer, and that may be true, but it can also be a time when you form some bad habits. There i...

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Off Man / Zone DB Workout

I am often asked for defensive back workouts, and so I will look to provide some of those for you here in this members area. For this reason over the last couple of weeks, I have been posting drills in here with explanations.  To get an explanation and video of each drill...

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Db can be traced

80% of Where You Go Wrong at DB Can Be Traced to Your Eyes

It has been a long off season.  One of the longest on record.  Many defensive backs have lost their spring training,  spring football or Offseason Training Activities (OTAs).  This has left many to be out on their own training themselves.  While doing ...

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ready to play

I’m Locked up in the House! 3 Ways to Get Better Playing Defensive Back

When the 2019 season was ending and you were talking about becoming a lockdown DB in 2020,  being locked up in the house was not what you were envisioning.  This whole coronavirus mess is disheartening for sure but like any good coach or player,  what you need t...

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db drills beginners

DB Drill Workout for Beginners

I was asked recently by one of my members what would be a good schedule of drills for him to do if he was learning how to play defensive back.  Often times the question voiced by one person is the one in the head of many.  With that in mind,  I have decided to p...

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