Speed Up Your Breaks with this Top of the Route DB Drill

As defensive backs, we know that a big part of our game is changing direction. The elite ones are able to do this and do it quickly. In the drill that I’m introducing and analyzing for you today we are speeding up our feet and learning how to get out of our brakes with m...

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Get in Phase Drill for Defensive Backs

One of the most feared and dreaded releases by wide receivers is the outside release when you are in press man coverage. Why? Because it just might be that go route. In this article will talk about a drill that you can use to help defend yourself against the outside release. T...

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Defend the Fade Drill

The fade ball is the most feared pass for defensive backs in coverage. It is also the most poorly played pass in football. It is why so many offenses opt to throw it when they see a defensive back in press coverage. The video that I have posted below shows a great drill to run...

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Ladder Drills to Give DBs Better Feet

Use these basic drills on an agility ladder to improve your defensive back footwork.


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db drills beginners

DB Drill Workout for Beginners

I was asked recently by one of my members what would be a good schedule of drills for him to do if he was learning how to play defensive back.  Often times the question voiced by one person is the one in the head of many.  With that in mind,  I have decided to p...

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