How to Train for DB Speed in the Offseason

Enhancing Speed in the Offseason: Training Tips for Defensive Backs Speed is a vital attribute for defensive backs in football, enabling them to keep up with receivers, close gaps, and make crucial plays. To excel on the field, defensive backs must prioritize speed training du...

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Get in Phase Drill for Defensive Backs

One of the most feared and dreaded releases by wide receivers is the outside release when you are in press man coverage. Why? Because it just might be that go route. In this article will talk about a drill that you can use to help defend yourself against the outside release. T...

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Attention Defensive Backs! Stay in Your Circle.

Body control is a must for defense of backs that are looking to stay in and or around the wide receiver that they are covering.  This also applies to guys that are trying to be in the proper area in zone coverage when the ball is thrown.  To do this there is one simp...

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The 5 Essential Moves of a Defensive Back

There are some things in life you just can’t get around.  Times will change but certain things will stay the same.  This happens in the game of football too and it also applies to defensive back. As offenses have evolved and rules have changed,  the scheme...

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How to Structure Your Indy Period for DB Coaches

I was recently asked by a new coach how I thought he should put together his individual period that he will get while coaching defensive backs at a middle school.  It was a simple questions but a great question. The truth of the matter is that many defensive back coaches ...

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When It Comes to Making Plays Control > Speed

By: Chad Wilson – Instagram: @alleyesdbcamp It’s that time of year again where the talk of speed is heightened and everyone obsesses over 40 yard dash times. While the combine won’t happen this year, it won’t stop the mad rush to find out “what&rs...

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Ways to get out

In A Coverage Slump? 4 Ways to Get Yourself Out of It

Being a defensive back,  especially a cornerback can be much like a batter in the game of baseball.  Sometimes you are really on point and other times you are off.  While being on point 30% of the time is good in baseball,  it’s definitely not as a co...

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Db can be traced

80% of Where You Go Wrong at DB Can Be Traced to Your Eyes

It has been a long off season.  One of the longest on record.  Many defensive backs have lost their spring training,  spring football or Offseason Training Activities (OTAs).  This has left many to be out on their own training themselves.  While doing ...

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Beach workout

To Beach or Not to Beach Workout

Human beings are complicated beings.  We all seek to belong while also striving to set ourselves apart.  Funny thing isn’t it?  No where does that burning desire to set ourselves apart show up more than in training of athletes. In this social media era whe...

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