Avoid these Top 5 DB Coach Mistakes

Coaching Defensive Backs: Avoiding the Biggest Teaching Mistakes Whether you have been at it for a while or you’ve just been given the tall task,  coaching the last line of defense can be quite the challenge.  Outside of quarterback and left tackle,  no ot...

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How Do I Cover a _______ Route?

One of the most common questions I get either by email or in my DM’s on Instagram ( @alleyesdbcamp ) is,  “coach how do I cover a <insert route>?” This understandable but head scratchable at the same time. Covering one specific route is like trying...

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Tired of Getting Bombed? Check Your Turn

Football is a game made up of a bunch of techniques and movements designed to give one man an advantage over another in hopes of making a play.  At no position is that more obvious than at defensive back. Despite what I wrote in that first paragraph,  many a defensiv...

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