Understanding the Basics of Pass Defense

Understanding the fundamentals of pass coverage is essential for defensive backs at all levels of the game. In this article, we will explore the key concepts and techniques involved in pass coverage, including zone coverage, man-to-man coverage, matchup zones zone blitzes along w...

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4 Tips with Clips: Beat Before the Snap

By popular request I am going to run this series 4 Tips with Clips in the members area. It’s really simple,  I will break down four clips from games with two being good reps and two being not so good reps. Of course,  there is always something to learn both from the good reps...

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Don’t Get Lost Defensive Backs. Read Your Keys

By: Chad Wilson IG: @alleyesdbcamp Imagine a blind man trying to play football.  How much do you think he would be worth on a field playing against a bunch of other guys who can see? Not much I would gather.  We’ve seen guys playing with broken arms and heavily taped ankl...

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3 Things Great DBs Must Have

So you want to be a great defensive back right? Well, as I have told you in countless articles on this site, it’s going to take some hard work. Playing DB is not easy but the thrill that comes with the success one achieves by mastering the position has few equals in the fee...

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Ways to get out

In A Coverage Slump? 4 Ways to Get Yourself Out of It

Being a defensive back,  especially a cornerback can be much like a batter in the game of baseball.  Sometimes you are really on point and other times you are off.  While being on point 30% of the time is good in baseball,  it’s definitely not as a cornerback or safety ...

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Play cover

Coverages Explained | 2 Invert

We’ve all heard of Cover 2 as well as 2 man.  Those are common coverages when playing with a 2 high safety defensive scheme.  However,  there are some change ups that you can put on that common Cover 2 and today we will talk about one them called 2 Invert. In the video a...

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