DB Drill | Flip Your Hip Partner Drill

Let me just start off by saying this is not the most professionally edited video that I have made however,  let’s focus more on the content more than the production because this is one of my most important drills in training defensive backs.

There is the growing movement of “speed turns” by defensive backs and if you have spent any amount of time around me or in my member’s area,  you know I don’t really care for speed turns.  Any movement that involves me turning my back on the man I am covering is not going to produce the results we are looking for.   Speed turns seem easy but they are fool’s gold and to add to that,  wide receivers are really scheming on the speed turners these days.

With that said,  there is the “flip your hip partner drill” that I like to use.  It teaches defensive backs how to a) keep their shoulder open when covering a WR and b) flip their hips and turn into the WR when they attempt to change position on you.  Flipping the hips allows the defensive back to keep his eyes on the WR when he makes his turn so that he doesn’t lose sight of the WRs location.

There are some key points about this drill like keeping the front shoulder open and down.  I discuss those things in this video.  Feel free to send me your comments and feedback on it.  It is always greatly appreciated.  Send email to: cwilson@alleyesdbcamp.com


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