Do This to Improve Your Defensive Back Footwork

By: Chad Wilson Owner All Eyes DB Camp Whether you’re shadowing a receiver in man coverage or reading the quarterback’s eyes in zone defense, your footwork sets the foundation for success as a defensive back. In this article, we’ll explore key techniques and ...

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The 5 Essential Moves of a Defensive Back

There are some things in life you just can’t get around.  Times will change but certain things will stay the same.  This happens in the game of football too and it also applies to defensive back. As offenses have evolved and rules have changed,  the scheme...

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Doing this Will Speed Up Your Feet as a DB

Talk to any defensive back and they will tell you that they would love to have quicker feet.  Doesn’t matter if those feet are quick already or not.  Real defensive backs know that your feet can never be too fast.  In this article,  I will tell you th...

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How to Master the Moves of a Defensive Back

Name a sport,  any sport that’s not football.  Chances are the participants are running forward for the majority of the time to compete and beat their opponent.  It must be nice.   That’s not how defensive backs in the game of football live...

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The Importance of Indy Period for DBs

If you’re like most defensive backs,  you probably hate your individual period at practice.  However, if you want to be elite,  you need to slide into the minority group that loves indy for what it is and that’s the key to your success. Yes,  I ...

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This One Thing at Safety Can Help You Make More Plays

By: Chad Wilson IG: @alleyesdbcamp For the casual observer of the game of football and defense in particular, playing safety is easy. When folks compare what appears to be the job of a safety to that of a corner, the instant feeling is that it seems way easier than life on the...

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Beach workout

To Beach or Not to Beach Workout

Human beings are complicated beings.  We all seek to belong while also striving to set ourselves apart.  Funny thing isn’t it?  No where does that burning desire to set ourselves apart show up more than in training of athletes. In this social media era whe...

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Off Man Coverage

3 Things You Need to Do to Improve Your Off Man Coverage

Press man has been the rage for about two decades now.  Talk to a young cornerback and he’ll tell you that if you don’t play press man as a cornerback then you are faker than a $2 bill. Ask any cornerback with some experience though and he’ll tell you a ...

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db drills beginners

DB Drill Workout for Beginners

I was asked recently by one of my members what would be a good schedule of drills for him to do if he was learning how to play defensive back.  Often times the question voiced by one person is the one in the head of many.  With that in mind,  I have decided to p...

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Tired of Getting Bombed? Check Your Turn

Football is a game made up of a bunch of techniques and movements designed to give one man an advantage over another in hopes of making a play.  At no position is that more obvious than at defensive back. Despite what I wrote in that first paragraph,  many a defensiv...

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