3 Things You Can’t Ignore When Playing Press Man Coverage

By: Chad Wilson Owner: All Eyes DB Camp Nowadays, playing press man coverage is a must for cornerbacks at virtually all levels. Being good at press involves some athletic attributes that are key, however, it is your mental approach that will bring you the most success. In this...

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Get a Hold of Your Tackling Skills Defensive Backs

By: Chad Wilson IG: @alleyesdbcamp Tackling is an essential skill for any defensive back in football. Whether you’re a cornerback, safety, or nickelback, your ability to bring down the ball carrier is critical for the success of your defense. With so many defenses opting...

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3 Things Defensive Backs Must Remember During the Game

Football is a very simple game that can get rather complicated at times. That complication hits warp speed when the bullets are flying and the action is hot and heavy. If you are going while the game is going there are some important things for you to remember as a DB while th...

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Control Your Body Language

Ever felt like a coach had it out for you?  In your mind,  you don’t cause any problems,  you do everything you you’re supposed to do and you don’t suck,  so why are you not playing?  It could be this funny little big thing known as b...

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Wide Receivers Love it When You Do This

There is the cat and mouse game that is played in every football game out on the edges between the wide receivers and the defensive backs.  Receivers are trying to deceive the DBs and the DBs are trying to dictate to the wide receivers how things should go. In the middle ...

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Doing This With Your Eyes Will Lead to More Big Plays

Playing defensive back is all about quick reactions and timing.  Hesitate,  think too long,  fail to read a key and the offense will have success.  Your ability to process is every thing and there’s one sure fire way to speed up that process. If you&r...

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Here’s How You Cover that Route That Keeps Beating You

I often get asked via DM on Twitter or Instagram by a young DB about how to cover a specific route like a slant or a curl.  The way you cover these routes is simple.  Study film study so you can have some anticipation and then by having solid coverage skills overall....

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Db can be traced

80% of Where You Go Wrong at DB Can Be Traced to Your Eyes

It has been a long off season.  One of the longest on record.  Many defensive backs have lost their spring training,  spring football or Offseason Training Activities (OTAs).  This has left many to be out on their own training themselves.  While doing ...

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Catch attention

Your Attention Please. One Play Can Be the Whole Game

The game has been a battle of back and forth.  Each team is shooting their shot and things are tight all the way through.  When all is said and done,  the winner stands tall by less than a touchdown. That’s how many important games end in the football worl...

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Match defence

4 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Your Press Man Stance

If you ever lined up to race someone or stepped in a batter’s box to hit a baseball,  you are aware that before someone yells go or a pitch is thrown,  you could win or lose.  Have your feet in the wrong spot and you will come out wrong in that race. ...

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