When it Comes to Dominating at DB, Knowledge is the Key

By: Chad Wilson – Owner – All Eyes DB Camp IG: @alleyesdbcamp There he was,  the other team’s top wide receiver and the best pass catcher in the county jogging out of the huddle to his spot on the left side of their formation.  Tasked with keeping a...

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Use Your Coach’s Technique to Get to Your Technique

By: Chad WilsonIG: @alleyesdbcamp Technique may or may not be everything when playing defensive back but it’s damn close. Defensive backs care about their technique like a barber cares about his clippers and sometimes things can get emotional especially when a player and...

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All American DB

Five Skills to Make You An All American DB

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp Instagram: @alleyesdbcamp  | YouTube: cwilson91 1.  Ball Skills The name of the game on defense is creating turnovers.  If they don’t have the ball,  they can’t score.  The best way for them not to h...

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Beach workout

To Beach or Not to Beach Workout

Human beings are complicated beings.  We all seek to belong while also striving to set ourselves apart.  Funny thing isn’t it?  No where does that burning desire to set ourselves apart show up more than in training of athletes. In this social media era whe...

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jackson throw

Want to Be A Good DB? Find Yourself A Weave

There are many steps to becoming a top notched defensive back.  Many of those steps have been covered in the many articles that have been written on this blog and placed in my member’s area on this site. One of the more overlooked aspects of playing defensive back t...

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quarterback drills

Effective Press Man Coverage Using a Kick Slide

I’ve watched 1000’s of defensive back press reps on film and aside from poor eye discipline,  the next most common mistake made by inexperienced defensive backs is not executing a kick slide in their press rep. The reason for the lack of a kick slide in the re...

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Tired of Getting Bombed? Check Your Turn

Football is a game made up of a bunch of techniques and movements designed to give one man an advantage over another in hopes of making a play.  At no position is that more obvious than at defensive back. Despite what I wrote in that first paragraph,  many a defensiv...

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