THE BASICS: Understanding Passing Zones on Defense

As with anything,  knowing the basics gives you a solid foundation that sets you up for any twists, turns, tweaks or new inventions that may come at some point down the road.  Football and playing defense in football is no different.

There has been plenty of passing over the last decade in football at all levels and there have certainly been some new inventions especially when it comes to pass concepts and attacking defenses through the air.  What hasn’t changed though are the areas of the defense that the offense would like to attack in their passing game.

In this video which will be part of many others covering the basics of pass defense,  I go over the pass zones and where they are located on defense.  It is important to know these because every zone coverage that is run on defense is concerned with defending these areas on the field.  In all zone coverages,  you can defend some of these areas while others you can not.  That’s the reason why there are several zone coverages because one can’t do it all.   Knowing the terminology for these areas also goes a long way in helping you understand zone coverages as well as what the offense is trying to do to you in their passing plays.

I made the video using my ReMarkable pad that I received at the beginning of the year.  I really like it and thought it would be useful in helping me explain certain things to you while using.  Please give me your feedback on me using it and let me know if it’s an effective teaching tool.  You can send email with your feedback to me at:

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Author: Chad Wilson

Chad Wilson is the owner of All Eyes DB Camp and author of "101 DB Tips". He played college football at the University of Miami and briefly in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks. Over his 15 year high school football coaching career, he tutored over a dozen Division I defensive backs and as a trainer has worked with NFL All Pros, first round draft picks, college football All Americans and Top 10 ranked high school football prospects.

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