Paying Attention to this One Thing as a DB Can Speed Your Feet Up 10x

By: Chad Wilson Owner All Eyes DB Camp When the offseason hits,  the evaluation of the in season starts.  If you are a high quality player,  you are going to cut the film on,  watch yourself play and take a good look at where you need to improve.  For ...

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4 Things That Make An Elite Nickelback

With all the footballs filling the air in recent years because of the advancement of passing in the game of football,  one position has gained more importance than ever before and that is the nickel back. There was a time when most teams deployed 21 personnel (2 backs, 1 ...

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All American DB

Five Skills to Make You An All American DB

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp Instagram: @alleyesdbcamp  | YouTube: cwilson91 1.  Ball Skills The name of the game on defense is creating turnovers.  If they don’t have the ball,  they can’t score.  The best way for them not to h...

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Safeties Need This One Thing Over Everything Else

By: Chad Wilson – All Eyes DB Camp I have written several articles about safeties and what it takes to be elite in this blog. Playing safety isn’t just about one thing but there is this one thing that I would take over everything else if I had to boil it down to ju...

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All records

Want to Be a Better DB? You Gotta Watch Ball Man!

I am sure the generation before me had this same thought but you guys nowadays have it easy.  My generation had betamax and VHS if you wanted to record your television.  If you wanted to listen to your favorite song on an album you had to fast forward and rewind...

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legend player

Should I Move to DB?

Many times I get asked in via email and DM if an athlete should move to defensive back.  As much as I get asked that question,  I am pretty sure there are many other guys who are asking that same question in their own heads.  Today I am going to use this ar...

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4 things to DB

Just Moved to DB? You’ll Need These 4 Things

You don’t know how many times I get this message in my DM’s on my Instagram account: ” Coach I just moved to DB,  any tips?”  So let me answer this questions once and for all.   If you are moving or just got moved to defensive back,&...

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Know Your DB History: Darrelle Revis

By: Chad Wilson – Owner – All Eyes DB Camp IG: @alleyesdbcamp With the announcement of his retirement today,  it seemed only fitting to do this edition of the “Know Your DB History” on the man who had a term named after him,  Darrelle Revis. A...

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Darrell Green

Know Your DB History: Darrell Green

CB Darrell Green: Green was a severely undersized 5’8″ 140 LB. athlete in high school that didn’t make his school’s varsity football team until his senior year. Blessed with outstanding speed, Green became an all city player but received zero scholarshi...

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Kenny Easley

Know Your DB History: Kenny Easley

Know Your DB History: Kenny Easley I know what you youngsters are thinking. You see this man wearing #45 and think “how good could he have been?” Long before there was a Seahawk named Kam Chancellor, there was one named Kenny Easley. The 6’3″ 206 lb. Vi...

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